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John L Gay

The Houston Dog Show was in July and I built a doghouse to help raise money for CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) and this was thew best year ever for CAP, I also won 1st for my `Chew-Chew Train' doghouse.


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I enjoy doing some creative woodworking.

Hi, I live in Houston, Texas, and have been woodworking for a long time for fun. I normally have a real job as a Piping Designer in the engineering field, but making sawdust is fun.

The reason for this site was to show my work when I would enter a competition. There is always a space on the application form for that. Over the years, it was strongly suggested that I get a website.
I will let you know where my work can be seen and sold. The web is new territory for me, and with the advice from friends, this site will grow. My work is for sale. I do not know how to do this via the website, so please just use the contact info.

This site is still under construction and improvements. To be honest, I am much better with a saw than a keyboard. I hope that you like it, and it will get better.